Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Beautiful Earth

Please check this out! This is the planet where we live in.. :) I thank you to those brave guys who made this documentary. Because of them, I can see my awesome God's work.. hehe..

See! How wonderful the Earth is! Indeed, it is "only" a partial of this huge universe.. This is the creation that God made by His words! Only by His words (read in the book of Genesis), and it came out this beautiful. Whoa! What about human being? We are created by His hands.. By the hands of the King of kings.. Woohoo! What an honor! So, be grateful for what we have! We are wonderfully made by the hands of the Lord.. To God be the glory! :D

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Every Little Thing

God is the creator of universe, do you agree? He is too big to be understood.. Waaayyyy too big.. We need eternal time and effort to know Him deeper and deeper. Even though He is almighty and wonderful, the good news is He loves us soo muchh.. He cares every little detail of us. He will never be very busy for us! Indeed, we are the one who always too busy wuzzy for Him.. DUH! -_-  Today, (again) He showed me how much He cares of me.. 3 things happened today, and yes I praise Him for that! haha..

I was late to go to campus, and I need to take 3 freeways to go.. I take 10 fwy, 60 fwy, and then 57 fwy. Those three freeways are usually crowded, especially in the morning. I was so desperated when I drive, I couldn't imagine how bad the traffic would be. I would be so late.. bla.. bla.. The traffic was 'okay' at 10 fwy.. But when I was about to go to 60 fwy, there was quite bad traffic because of out-of-nowhere fog. For a year I have been driving through that freeway, I have never seen that kind of fog (even though when it's raining). I couldn't see in distance. I was so scared to drive through that freeway because there was usually so many big trucks passing. I was late, and then this fog. aarrgghh.. -_-  So, I forced myself to go through.. By the time I went into the freeway, the fog became more clear and clear. Praise the Lord! Our God is awesome yes! hahaha.. What if I was not late? I might be caught on the bad fog, and came late to my class.. Thanks Father! :p

When my Mom has days off, she will go with me to campus. As I mentioned before, the freeways to my campus are super crowded, so I need to go in carpool (it needs 2 people or more to go in carpool lane). Because of that matters, my Mom always accompany me when she has days off (what a blessed daughter I am! :p) Okay, back to the main topic.. Yesterday when my Mom went to campus with me, I told her that was curious about the fifth floor parking--I used to park at fourth floor. I was wondering if it's just a deck or it has roof just like the other floors below it.. And my Mom had the same thought as me.. So, when I went to my class, she went upstairs to check it out.. lol.. On our way home, she told me that she was checking the parking on the fifth floor, and it was just a deck bla bla bla.. I was just nodding my head and saying "ooohhh.." And today, God let me to see the fifth floor of the parking lot by myself! I was late to go campus, so that I parked on the fifth floor (the parking is always bad -_-). Right after my Mom and me went off the car, she reminded me about our conversation yesterday. She reminded me, how curious I was about the fifth floor.. And today, God brought me to see it.. Well, not only see it, but also experienced it! lol.. It was sooooo hoooottttt to park outside.. hahaha.. Anyways, I thank God for that.. He always listens to us, so beware of what we say peeps! hehehe..

As usual, I filled up my gas today at Costco. My Mom suggested me to fill it on our way home from campus. But I refused because I wanted to study for my exam the first, and I would fill the gas before I picked up my Bro. At afternoon, I went to the gas station at Costco.. When I was on the line, couple of cars in front of me were "running away" from the line. I didn't know why, but I was wondering what if Costco run out the gasoline because it was so crowded today. And yes, it was true! They run out their gasoline! They have two kinds of gasolines, they are unleaded and premium, and they run out the unleaded gas. That's why some cars were cancelled their plan to buy gasoline.. And I knew it when the time I put the nozzle into my gas tank -_-  I was so..... DUH! I had been waiting at a very berry long line for nothing.. Aarrgghh.. >_<  Finally, there was a service person who in charge on the area, and I asked him for help to cancel my transaction (because I had already insert the credit card etc). And then he said that they run out the unleaded, but I could buy the premium with the same price.. I was like, "huh? really?" Well, it seemed a very little thing and unimportant, but here I was reminded that even a little thing, God (still) gives the best..

So many things happened today (indeed it's more than 3.. hehehe), but yes His grace is enough for us.. To God be the glory! :)

10 Things Before 30

Uda lama kaga nulis blog, and this time I have got a challenge for a friend of mine.. lol.. So far, gw belom pernah mikir sampe luamaaa begini.. Palingan untuk 1-2 taon ke depan doank. That's why I need to sit and think about it bener2.. hahaha.. So, here is my 10 things before 30 :)
1.    Pertumbuhan rohani keluarga gw (spiritual growth)
I was born and raised in a Christian family (what a blessing!), but somehow spiritual growth kita2 baru tumbuh akhir2 taon ini. My Dad admitted, meskipun dia udah menganut Kristen dari jaman masi kecil (ikut Sunday school gitu juga), tapi ga pernah mengalami jamahan Tuhan secara pribadi. He knew that God is good, but it was just according to others testimonials. Nah kalo my Mom was a Catholic, and sejak married dia lebih sering ke gereja Kristen ikut Bokap gw. Meskipun Nyokap gw lahir di keluarga Katholik, dia juga ga pernah mengalami jamahan Tuhan secara pribadi. So, both of my parents went to church because of tradition.. because their parents told them to go to church. Waktu gw and ade gw kecil, our parents taught us about Jesus, but once again ga terlalu deep. They taught us to pray, read the Bible, read Christian books; even though, I had never seen they read their Bible.. They always pray, but I had never seen they read their Bibles back then.. hahaha..

Nahhh beberapa taon terakhir, Tuhan mulai berkarya dalam keluarga gw. Satu per satu dari kita mulai mengalami Tuhan secara pribadi. Finally, last year, my Mom declared herself as a Christian, and she was baptized! I was overjoyed, but ternyata itu ga stop sampe disitu. Gw masi harus terus bergumul dengan proses2 yg keluarga gw alami personally. Bokap, Nyokap and Ade gw, satu per satu gantian ngalamin hal2 berat. Sometimes, mereka hampir jatuh and give up, akhirnya ga mao Tuhan2an lagi. Itu yang bikin gw sakit (and I believe that He’s hurt too). Karena itu, before 30, wish gw ya supaya mereka bisa lebih berakar lagi dalem Tuhan and mereka bukan hanya tau kalo Tuhan itu baik, tapi bener2 mengalami itu semua. It’s hard for me to see my loved ones ngalamin hal2 yang berat buat mereka. Terkadang dalem hati gw menjerit ke Tuhan minta Tuhan kasi keringanan buat mereka, but He reminds me that He loves my family more than I do. So, yeaa.. Gw sekarang cuman doa’in meskipun seringkali nanges kalo liat mereka lagi in proses. Eh bukan berarti gw uda free of proses loh! Gw juga masih.. hahaha..  Well, praise God kalo sekarang ini gw mulai liat perubahan di masing2 mereka.. hihihihi.. Ga ada doa yang sia2! Amen! :D

2.    Do children ministries
Both art and children are my passion. Jadi gw suka banget combining both two. Hehe.. Desire gw seh pingin volunteer ke children hospital around here. Kebetulan (well, emang ga ada yg kebetulan, but I can’t find other transition word.. lol) ada children hospital di deket campus gw, tapi gw masih belom bisa committing as volunteer karena beberapa personal matters. Jadi ya sekarang gw masih bekalin diri gw sama knowledge tentang children. Thanks God, di kampus gw yang sekarang ini ada beberapa kelas yang pas sama apa yang mao gw dalemin.. hehehe.. Hopefully it will be fulfilled before 30 ya.. Please kindly pray for me! >_<

3.    Pelayanan ke daerah terpencil
Well, dulu gw pingin banget buat pelayanan ke daerah terpencil gitu, but todays pikiran gw uda terbuka kalo semua itu panggilan. Bukan asal gw mao, gw pergi. Hehe.. Yang pernah gw jalani, melayani orang2 yang ‘terpencil’ aka dikucilkan.. Is that considered as pelayanan ke daerah terpencil? Hahaha.. Maksa benerrr.. Oh well, nama’nya juga wish, sapa tau dikasi kesempatan.. Hehehe..

4.   Expert playing guitar
Ini nih yang berat.. Almost like mission impossible for me.. lol..  -_-   Dulu pas masi SMP gw perna belajar maen gitar, tapi cuman 8 bulan aje karena mao UNAS jadi ga les2 lagi (sampe sekarang wkwkwkwk). Sejak itu, gw practicing by myself. Dengan modal 8 bulan kursus itu, gw belajar lagi deeper. Ada kemajuan she, tapi ya belom sampe expert. Gw masi belom tau gimana mao ganti kunci, gw juga masi belom bisa maen dengan smooth. Masi kayak abang2 yang ngamen itu deh.. lol.. -_-  Pas di sini, gw beli gitar lagi dengan harapan gw belajar lagi deeper. Tappiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. Susyehh bangettt.. Selalu ada aja yang bikin gw ga bisa practicing (emang dasar gw’nya aja yang males kali ye -_-) Gitar gw aja sampe kadang berdebu kalo mao dibuat maen.. hahahaha.. Ampunnn dahh.. Semoga before 30, gw bener uda expert on it and I can join music ministry at church hehehe..

5.   Expert on cooking
Sejak jaman di Indo, gw anti masuk pasar. Sampe Bokap gw marah2, “masa cewek ga mao pergi ke pasar? Gimana toh?? Nanti gede mao gimana?” Huahahaha.. Gw ga tahan sama bau’nya daging2 mentah, and something yang amis2.. -_-  Thanks God, He brings me here yang notabene ga ada pasar! Hehehehe.. Anyways, I believe that learning how to cook is a must for women. Kalo ga, anak’nya apa mao dikasi makan daon? *emang anak kambing hahaha* Nah sejak gw tinggal di US sini, gw mulai belajar masak dah. Belom expert sih, but untuk gw sendiri ya (at least) gw masi bisa idup.. Ga sampe keracunan.. hahahaha.. Oh dulu pernah sekali gw masak nasi goreng, kebanyakan pake garlic.. Ya elah.. Alhasil orang2 satu rumah pada rebutan pake restroom.. -_- Cuman itu seh, belom ada kejadian ‘keracunan’ laen.. hehehe.. Well, jangan sampe ada kejadian gitu2 lagi lah! Kasian amat.. Hahaha.. 

6.   Get a job that related to children and art
Well, cita2 orang yang masi kuliah ya begini lah ya? Pingin dapet kerja di bidang yang dipelajari. Tapi ya kebanyakan malah menyimpang kesana-kemari, pada banting setir sana-sini *untuk ga nabrak haha* 

7.    Buy my parents tickets to go vacation abroad or anywhere they wish
My Mom has desire to go somewhere by cruise, tapi belom terwujud. Hahaha.. Kalo sekarang gw beliin’nya, mereka selalu bilang ga usah ato ga mao. Tapi ntar kalo gw uda kerja, I will have plenty of reasons to pay their vacation. Lol..

8.   Getting married and having children
Rasanya kalo ga ada ini, rada2 ga afdol. Hahaha.. Dulu gw mikir’nya, married is a must; it’s a part of life circle. Tapi sekarang (setelah ditempa api’nya Tuhan.. halah..), gw ga mikir marriage as a must thing to do. Both marriage and single life are God’s calling, and I don’t want to mess with this matter dah pokok’nya.. I will let my Lord guide me.. hehehehe..  Everything is in His hands and time :)

9.    Stargazing on a beach or mountain alone
My fav thing is stargazing. Karena saat gw liat bintang2 itu, gw bisa ngeliat keagungan Tuhan. Rasa’nya gimanaaaa gitu.. peace bangettsss.. hehehe.. Gw pingin banget bisa devotion under the stars hehehe.. My pastors told me that he had a great experience when he went sailing on the sea, and stargazing at the middle of ocean. I want that toooo!!! The thing is mana berani gw pegi sendirian ke tengah2 laut! hahahaha.. -_-  Jadi ya wish gw before 30, I can go stargazing alone.. Just me and God.. hehehe.. Anyways, ga harus ke tengah laut seh hahaha..
   10. Having a heart like Jesus
Last but not least, gw pingin banget bisa jadi serupa dengan Dia. Gw pingin punya hati yang mampu mengasihi orang laen tanpa pandang bulu, tanpa pamrih, tanpa alesan macem2. Gw pingin punya hati yang teguh meski direndahkan, dicaci, dimarahin orang. Gw pingin jadi seperti Dia yang obey sama Bapa sampe di atas kayu salib. Coba kalo Yesus ga nurut (bandel kayak gw gini haha..), ga bakalan ada keselamatan itu. But, praise the Lord our God almighty, Dia patuh meskipun sampe doa berpeluh darah. And we have our salvation todays :)