Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Landmark

Recently, I am reminded with this scripture..

“Do not remove the ancient landmark 
which your fathers have set.”
-Proverbs 22:28  

The landmark mentioned on this scripture is more than a “common” landmark. This landmark means law that had established by our ancestors. Law that God gave to Israelites. As we see today, there is so many chaos that we don’t know how it start and become very complicate. There is no more respect. No more love. No more fear of God. Why? Because human being are too proud inviting God to be the leader. It’s not only in the US that gay and lesbian are allowed to get married. Free sex is not only exists in the US. It’s everywhere around the world.
This semester I am taking women in American society class. On that class we learn about women’s right. Back then, Bible was the law of a family. Men worked outside the house, and women stayed home nurturing children. Period. That’s the rule. Long short story, women wanted to have a right to vote, and they fought for it. They won the case, and they had their rights to vote. Todays, what’s going on with women? Women are equal to men. Pastor Roland mentioned at once, there is no more feminism. Women, somewhat, want to be like men, but we want to be treated like women. Oh well, it’s complicated.

What about dress? Back then, the dresses were long and had enough fabric I would say. It couldn’t be seen through, it wasn’t short like today. Year by years, dresses are getting shorter and shorter, blouses are getting tighter and tighter. And now, it’s starting to be loose, but it’s transparent.. We can’t believe this, but that’s the ugly truth. The world today doesn’t have the “landmark” that our heavenly Father set. Women don’t respect their brothers and even themselves. We believe that we know what we are doing; but in fact, we are not. We forget about the law, or even God Himself.

It’s almost Christmas, but how many people that remember about Him? People are busy preparing gifts, dinner, and vacation. Christmas is changing. It’s no more about the birth of Jesus Christ, but it’s one of holiday seasons. People have changed Christmas to xmas because they reject the fact that Jesus was born for us. That’s something that too big to understand; something that is nonsense. Too bad! Yes, Christmas is a “season” of presents. Yes, Santa Claus was a real person who gave presents for poor people. But, many people today starts to idolize Santa; many people starts to be greedy to get presents. They believe that it’s a shame if they don’t give and receive a presents in Christmas. I just read a news in CNN that 45% of American choose to skip Christmas because they don’t have enough money to buy presents. This statistic shows us that people give presents is not because they have the source to give, but it is a must tradition. 

Santa Claus, Christmas tree, and giving presents tradition in Christmas moment are not wrong things to do; but, it is not the most important. Don’t erase Christ in Christmas. Here I have a poem that we need to remember that Christmas is all about Jesus who humbly enough to leave His throne for us. He doesn’t need to save us, but He chooses to. He gave Himself for us, that is the greatest present that we can receive! What we do with it? On this Christmas month, are we celebrating Christmas for who He is? Or we remove the “landmark” and go with the world to celebrate holiday? 


I had a birthday party, most everybody came..
They danced and ate and had a ball..
But no one spoke My name..
They gave each other presents, as nice as they could be..
People came from far and near,
But no one mentioned Me..
The stores were filled with shoppers,
The restaurants crowded out,
But no one seemed to really know
what the party was about..
They talked about a reindeer..
I think Rudolph was his name..
Then someone mentioned “Jesus”..
And they hung their heads in shame..
You see, it was My birthday!
They didn’t even know..
That is why from heaven My heart is grieving so..
I came to earth from heaven on that first Christmas day--
Born in a lowly manger from sin to show the way..
I died one day on Calvary, on a cruel Roman cross..
To save a world of sinners From a life of awful loss..
When you next have a party,
with presents, friends and tree,
Remember Me, your Savior..
Whose birth has set you free..

PS: I am coming again soon.

by Donald Arey, Sr.